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If you are more into first-person shooter games, this is without a choice the ideal choice for you. We are sure that it will live up or even exceed your expectations in every aspect. It will definitely render the kind of gaming experience that you always wanted to have.


MIG welding 101: Everything you need to know about MIG welders

The process of joining two pieces of metal requires a welding process where heat and small wire create a liquid stream of metal that can be used to create a bridge between the two pieces and glue them together is the general welding process. MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas, a MIG welding is the same process but with a continuous spool of wire and a MIG welding gun. This process is also referred to as Gas Metal Arc Welding. MIG welding process was used during the 1940s to weld aluminum and during the 1950s and 60s, they were used for heavy industrial processed for steel and aluminum. Click this link to know more about MIG welders.

Choosing the right wire

Choosing the right wire

  • AWS classification ER70S-3: can be used for all-purpose welding

  • ER70S-6: are wires that are used for more de-oxidizers on dirty or rusty steel.

The right diameter of the wire also matters a good all-rounder choice for welding is .030 in diameter which can be used in a wide range of home and motor-sport applications. Visit to help you guide you through the welding process.

Choosing the right gas

  • 75/25 gas blend: It is an all-purpose gas for shielding carbon steel as it produces less amount of splatter and does not burn thinner metals is the most sought after gas for welding

  • 100%CO2: This gas provides deeper penetration through the metal but increases the amount the splatter.

The positioning of the metal

The positioning of the metal

  • Flat Position: It is called the T-joint and the gun is placed a 45-degree angle and an even weld bead is created by avoiding undercuts.

  • Horizontal Position: The process by which the metal is placed in front of you and the welding gun is placed at a 0-1 or 15-degree angle.

  • Vertical position: A tricky way of welding metals as it requires you to fight gravity, due to which you may want to reduce the voltage and amperage by 10% to 15%.

  • Overhead Position: It is the most difficult as you not only have to fight gravity but also the speed of the gun.

Welding Pros and Cons

Welding Pros and Cons


  • A simple and process to learn

  • MIG welding is versatile and can be used for a wide range of metals like steel, nickel, stainless and aluminum.

  • High-quality welds can be produced by using the MIG welding process

  • One of the safest as the gas shield protects the arc.


  • The heat input is not ideal for certain types of welding positions

  • It requires a lot of complicated pieces which includes a welding gun, shielded gas supply, power supply, feeding wire and cooling water. Visit this page for more information about MIG weldings.

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Own Video Game

By definition, a video game is an interactive electronic entertainment that involves you the player who can play via a computer, a phone or a game console like Xbox or PS. Making your own video game has never been an easy task, but with determination, after you follow this guide you will achieve your dream which will be memorable even to share to the world.


  • Pick the genre of your choice. To come up with an entertaining video game you must be creative enough to come up with a very unique game even though the game must be based on the genre of your choice, just to state some of the most common genres include: shooters, racing, arcade games, adventures among others.
  • Decide on your platform. To develop a video game you have to decide on your platform as different platforms have a different mode of control .for smartphone mode of control is commonly tilt and touch, PC games control mode is mouse and keyboard while gaming console control using gamepads. Also, learn about the common desktop support issues you may encounter. 
  • Lay down your preliminary design. By doing so you bring your concept of the game you want to make and also see if the idea you have can fit in a video game.
  • Come up with a core philosophy. The philosophy will always act as a driving force for your game that makes you know if the game has met its basic goals.
  • Clearly state your features. The features you come up with will make your game different from other games in the same genre. This will help you convert your ideas and concepts into an action sentence.


  • Coming up to finer details. Writing a design document is crucial as it is the basis of your video game that is the settings, plot and more.
  • Design a table of content. Table of content will help you address all the aspects of the game.


  • Make a choice on an engine. This is the base of the game that contains the host of development in order to make game creation a bit easier. Though it is advisable to use an existing engine rather than creating a new one. After that, you should learn your engine, but when the programming used is beyond your capacity you can hire someone who can comprehend.


  • Consider the requirements of your project. Depending on the game you want to make you will have different needs. some games are simple while others are complex.
  • Design the structure and layout of the game. This is the start of constructing the game itself, where you come up with the different levels.


  • During the progress of video game making, it is always good to play to make sure that the game remains entertaining and cohesive.
  • After putting everything in to order you can invite your friends to play the game to find the fun before you release it to the world.


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